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Heyvilambi Varsham -
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Planetary Positions as on 14th April 2017 :

Prospects for Heyvilambi year

The Tamil new year Heyvilambi falls on 14th April. Sun and Mercury are together in Aries, Mars is in Taurus, Rahu in Leo, Jupiter in Virgo, Moon in Scorpio, Saturn in Sagittarius, Ketu in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces.

According to the horoscope various planets each have a role to play. The following table gives the description of the role, the planet and the symbol for each of these roles and planets.

King MarsHorse
Pulses & GrainsVenusCamel
CloudsMercuryTrees & Vegetation

Mars represents war. He also represents heat resulting in dryness. When Mars is in relationship with Rahu/Ketu, Sun and Saturn, disasters are imminent. There will be accidents too. Jupiter being the minister will result in increased money flow. There will be riches and overall prosperity. Adequate rains will result in good harvest. Banking sector will flourish. Mercury representing vegetation, will give better quality produce. Entertainment sector will flourish. Software sector will do very well.

However, there will be fluctuation in the stock market. Forest fires and disasters in coastal region are indicated. Agricultural products may get destroyed. Jewelry business will flourish and gold prices will increase.

Jupiter aspecting Saturn and Venus is a good sign. The ill effects of Saturn will be muted somewhat. Jupiter's aspect on exalted Venus will result in improvement in Jewelry business and luxury hotel business. Lifestyle of people will improve. Women's issues will gain focus. Tourism and film industries will flourish. There may be some danger of alcohol addictions. Sun and Mercury together shows improvement in education. Jupiter is also aspecting Mars. This will tone down Mars' fierceness and emphasize is good qualities like courage. Sports will gain and sportsmen and women will receive government encouragement.

On the whole, this will be a mixed year.

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