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Planets - Moon - Pundit Speaks
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A horoscope is a snapshot of the juxtaposition of the planets on the day, time and place that a native is born. In vedic astrology, the position of the planet is of great importance. The strength of the planet is determined by its placement. There are nine planets or navagrahas in vedic astrology. This comprises the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The last two are shadow planets.

In this section, astropundit will release a series of articles on vedic astrology. The first series being on NAVAGRAHAS or the NINE PLANETS which are significant in vedic astrology. We will periodically release articles on subjects of interest in vedic astrology.


In vedic astrology, Moon is given great importance. Moon indicates the mind. It is also the fastest moving planet. It completes one revolution of the zodiac in approximately 28 days staying only two and half days in one zodiac sign.

There is a system of nakshatras or lunar mansions in vedic astrology. These are the constellations which are so far away that they appear stationary. The constellation occupied by the moon at the time of birth of a native is his nakshatra or star. This is of great importance in vedic astrology. Next to the ascendant (which is the Sun rising at the time of birth), this is the most vital information in a horoscope of a native.

A zodiac sign occupies 30 degrees. There are 27 nakshatras in the entire 360 degree zodiac, each occupying 13 degrees and 20 minutes. Each nakshatra has 4 padas and each sign has 9 padas. For instance, the first sign has 4 padas of Asvini, 4 padas of Bharani and 1 pada of Krittika. The second sign, Taurus has 3 padas of Krittika, 4 padas of Rohini and 2 padas of Mrigasira and so on.

The Moon sign and the star of a person is important for many things including horoscope matching for marriage.

The moon also represents the mother and the female principle. Moon is the ruler of plants, water and indicates prosperity, general well being, attractive appearance, wealth and good fortune. The gem stone related to the Moon is pearl and metal silver. The colour associated with Moon is white.

Moon is very important in Vedic astrology. Almost equal importance is given to the Moon, as to the Ascendant in a horoscope.

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