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Planets - Moon in Capricorn - Astrology You
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A horoscope is a snapshot of the juxtaposition of the planets on the day, time and place that a native is born. In vedic astrology, the position of the planet is of great importance. The strength of the planet is determined by its placement. There are nine planets or navagrahas in vedic astrology. This comprises the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The last two are shadow planets.

In this section, astropundit will release a series of articles on vedic astrology. The first series being on NAVAGRAHAS or the NINE PLANETS which are significant in vedic astrology. We will periodically release articles on subjects of interest in vedic astrology.

Moon in the sign Capricorn makes the native a singer. He will be averse to cold climate, will have a stout body and will be fond of truth and charity. He will be distinguished and famous. He will possess beautiful eyes. He will be miserly.

For Aries ascendant, moon in Capricorn will cause a Raja yoga and spiritual achievements.

For a Taurus ascendant, there will be lots of wealth.

For a Gemini native, his longevity may be limited though the aspect of Mercury will mitigate this effect.

A Cancer native will get a beautiful and amicable wife. He will be fortunate and wealthy.

For a Leo native, a weak moon will bring insult and defeat from enemies while a strong moon will give good learning in all branches with mastery in none.

A Virgo native will beget one daughter with moon in Capricorn while a Libra ascendant will have high position and smooth career.

while a Libra ascendant will have high position and smooth career.

For a Scorpio ascendant, a weak moon will destroy Raja yogas.

A Sagittarius native will have a good life if moon is strong otherwise his life will be middling.

For a Capricorn native, a strong moon will give him a corpulent body while a weak moon will make him emaciated.

An Aquarius native will be a spen thrift.

while a Pisces ascendant will have happiness through children.

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