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Planets - Moon in Libra - Astrology You
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A horoscope is a snapshot of the juxtaposition of the planets on the day, time and place that a native is born. In vedic astrology, the position of the planet is of great importance. The strength of the planet is determined by its placement. There are nine planets or navagrahas in vedic astrology. This comprises the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The last two are shadow planets.

In this section, astropundit will release a series of articles on vedic astrology. The first series being on NAVAGRAHAS or the NINE PLANETS which are significant in vedic astrology. We will periodically release articles on subjects of interest in vedic astrology.

If the Moon is in Libra at birth, the native will have elevated nose, broad eyes and emaciated body. There will be abundant landed property. You will be endowed with wealth, will not be firm in disposition and will be helpful to relatives.

For Aries ascendant, full moon in Libra will not be favourable especially as far as health is concerned.

For Taurus ascendant, moon in Libra will result in troubles from litigation, debts etc.

A Gemini ascendant will make a lot of money and will have abundant savings. He will have physical beauty and mental chastity.

For Cancer ascendant, moon in Libra will enable him to enjoy maternal happiness, landed property, learning, conveyances, etc. He will have abundant riches.

A Leo ascendant with moon in Libra will derive good fortune through sisters. He may achieve fame as singer or actor.

For Virgo ascendant moon in Libra will bring huge wealth. He will have a beautiful face, pleasant teeth and a rich brother.

A Libra native with moon also in Libra will become a notable personage, very famous and rich.

For a Scorpio ascendant, moon in Libra may not give much wealth but there will be fame.

A Sagittarius native will earn very well and will be long lived. There may be occasional losses through theft.

A Capricorn ascendant will be endowed with good conduct, good profession and spiritual activities.

An Aquarius ascendant with moon in Libra will have ordinary results.

For a Pisces ascendant moon in Libra will bestow long life.

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