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Planets - Moon in Taurus - Astrology You
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A horoscope is a snapshot of the juxtaposition of the planets on the day, time and place that a native is born. In vedic astrology, the position of the planet is of great importance. The strength of the planet is determined by its placement. There are nine planets or navagrahas in vedic astrology. This comprises the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The last two are shadow planets.

In this section, astropundit will release a series of articles on vedic astrology. The first series being on NAVAGRAHAS or the NINE PLANETS which are significant in vedic astrology. We will periodically release articles on subjects of interest in vedic astrology.

If the Moon is in Taurus, the native will be large-hearted, highly charitable, short-haired, sensual, famous and brilliant. The native will have eyes resembling that of a bull. He/She will have the power of discernment and will be happy during the middle and concluding parts of his/her life. He / She will have a strong waist, feet and shoulders. He / She will walk beautifully and will be endowed with forebearance.

For an Aries ascendant, full moon in Taurus there will be wealth but sickness too. If the moon is weak, monetary gains will be limited.

For a Taurus ascendant, full moon in Taurus will show affluence and nobility. The native will be famous. If the moon is diminishing, there may be rheumatic diseases, cough and other respiratory illness.

If Gemini is the ascendant, growing moon in the 12th sign in Taurus means less problems while weak moon means huge responsibilities.

If Cancer is the ascendant, full moon in Taurus gives abundant luxuries while if the moon is weak, the native will have to struggle to come up in life.

For a Leo native, growing moon in Taurus will give good conduct, large properties and high position but weak moon will give hindrances in career and heavy expenses.

If Virgo is the ascendant, full moon in Taurus indicates huge properties; a weak moon will cause obstacles in money matters.

If Libra happens to be the ascendant with growing moon in the 8th sign in Taurus, there will be good longevity; if the moon is weak, there will be many hurdles in the profession.

For a Scorpio ascendant, growing moon in Taurus means he will have a beautiful and chaste wife and political fame and wisdom; if the moon is weak, marriage will not be happy.

In the case of Sagittarius, the moon in Taurus, if waxing, will give medium longevity but if moon is weak, there will be curtailed longevity.

A Capricorn native with growing moon in Taurus will have an early and happy marriage; if the moon is weak, there will be strained marital relationship.

An Aquarian ascendant with growing moon in Taurus, will have fame but will also have the pressure of debts and diseases. If the moon is weak, there will be no maternal happiness.

For a Pisces ascendant, flourishing moon in Taurus will give famous children and wealth; if the moon is weak, there may be throat trouble and a lack of progeny.

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