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Saarvari Varsham - Astro Events
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Planetary Positions as on 14th April 2020 :

Prospects for Saarvari year

The Tamil new year Saarvari falls on 14th April. There will good agricultural production in the south of the Vindhyas. Those heading governments will have a prosperous period. However, to the north of the Vindhyas there may be some political turmoil and confusion. There will be high inflation.

However, the general population will not undergo any great difficulty. Rains may not be very good and agricultural harvest may be middling. There may be rains in some areas while others will have more winds. There may be some fear among the people. There may be some unrest and fighting amongst people.

The general health of the populace will be good. There will be medical advancement and comforts through inventions. Milk production will be good. Governance will be good and people will be happy. However, the production of grains may not be upto the mark.

There may be some damage to crops due to unseasonal rain. Gold will be freely available. There will be storms in many parts of the country.

This Saarvari year will be a year of comfort and happiness with minor discomforts like storms. The health of the populace will be good.

There will be fairly good rains and some peace in the country.
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