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Sade Sati - Astro Events
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When Saturn is transiting through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal moon, this is termed Sade-sati. ďSade-satiĒ literally means 7 Ĺ years, which means that Saturn naturally takes 2 Ĺ years in its transit from one house to another house. This transit is considered particularly important in Vedic Astrology because this transit is supposed to indicate difficult results either to the native or the nativeís close relatives.

In Vedic Astrology, Moon relates to the mind. When people are not properly informed about its malefic influences, they are likely to misunderstand the magnitude of the real experience.

Generally, Saturn brings increased hardship and suffering around the 30th year, around the 60th year, and then again around the 90th year if the native is still alive. This does not mean that Sade-sati is taking place on your 30th year. It can begin anytime before your 30th year, and then repeats itself every 30 years thereafter. With regard to the Sade-sati transit in particular, one can expect to experience it about two or three times within oneís lifetime. In rare cases, a person may undergo up to 4 Sade-sati cycles in their lifetime.

First cycle Sade-sati generally affects close relatives more than the native. The 2nd cycle influences the domestic front as well as the business front, and the 3rd cycle affects children, family, health, and physical suffering or may even indicate the death of the native. 4th cycle Sade-sati brings liberation from either the body or the soul or, possibly, both.

It should be noted that this dreaded influence does not necessarily conclude when Saturn exits the 2nd house from the natal moon. When Saturn passes through the 8th house from the natal moon, it is called Astham Sani (translated 8th Saturn). This 8th house transit is considered equally negative like the Sade-sati transit. As it is known, the 8th house is a malefic house and any malefic planet transiting this house either from the moon or from the rising sign, is bound to bring malefic results (unless the native is passing through a good Dasha/Bhukti). The 8th house transit indicates worry, suffering, and misery for the native.

Similarly, when Saturn passes through the 4th house from the birth moon, it is supposed to give negative results. This position of Saturn is called Ardha Sade-sati (Half-Sade-sati). Some people consider the transit of Saturn from the 5th house of the natal moon as negative because it affects the quality of oneís judgment. However, it is always important to keep in mind, when judging the effects of a particular transit, that planetary transits are always subordinate in influence to birth chart indications as well as to the influences of the currently operating Dasa and Bhukti cycles.

Sade-satiís notorious reputation derives from the fact that the Moon rules the mind and the emotions while Saturn rules suffering; therefore, an individual can expect an increase in emotional and mental duress during this transit.

Sade-sati House Indications

Specific house indications of Sade-sati are as follows:

∑ Saturn, when transiting 12th house from the Moon indicates loss of prestige and honor, aimless travel, lack of comfort in living, arguments, and poverty.

∑ Saturn in the 1st house where the natal Moon resides indicates character assassination mental afflictions, and sorrows.

∑ In the 2nd house from the natal Moon, the nativeís mind becomes unsound, innumerable worries accumulate, there is a general failure to achieve good results, the native experiences ill health, and misunderstandings arise. There is also a considerable amount of financial stress.

However, it is wise to remember that all people having Sade-sati will not necessarily experience the same or even similar results. Many people even experience exceptionally positive results in the areas of success, finances, property, or increased status during this evil transit. The nature of results has to do with Saturnís relationship to the rising sign, the Moon sign, and the indications of Saturnís influence for a particular rising sign.

Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. It is also the yogakaraka (that planet which has the power and energy to bring growth, progress, prosperity, good luck and good fortune) for Taurus and Libra rising signs. When Sade-sati occurs for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius moon signs as well, the Sade-sati may not give them as much negative results. Its evil influence is reduced to a great degree in these circumstances. This is because Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius and Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus; who is a friend of Saturn. Natives with Capricorn or Aquarius Lagnas or with their Moon in Taurus or Libra may experience hardship during Sade-sati, but may emerge unharmed because of a reduction in its usual evil influence.

If Libra is the ascendant, and the Moon is in Virgo, the Sade-sati years will bring financial stress, emotional issues with family, and disputes. However, since Saturn happens to be a yogakaraka, then the troubles would be over without too much suffering. Whenever Saturn becomes a benefic planet or yogakaraka, then the troubles can be overcome or minimized.

As we can make out, many considerations have to be taken into account when analyzing the influence of the Sade-sati as well as the transit of Saturn. In the final analysis, Sade-sati can be burdensome and frustrating, or it can uplift the native and bring success with responsibility. Overall, with persistent effort, Saturnís transit can raise the consciousness and make one more spiritual than before the Sade-sati began. Sade-satiís significance is its ability to transform a personís spiritual awareness.

On the surface, the struggles are immense, but only as a purifying catalyst for further growth.
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