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Vedic Years and Your Personality - Astrology You
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According to Vedic texts, there are sixty years which repeat cyclically. Each year is given a name. Those born in a particular vedic year will generally possess the qualities indicated against that year. These are general indications which will get modified depending on the personal horoscope of the native. For instance the year 2017, corresponded to the vedic year named Heyvilambi.

The vedic year is not related to the calendar year but to the solar year. Hence, the vedic year changes every year around the 13th of April when Sun attains 0 degree longitude. The current year, 2008 is Sarvadhari which is the 22nd year in the 60-year cycle.

1. Prabhava : Daring, truthful, possessed of every virtue, proficient in astrology and pious.

2. Vibhava : Lustful, pure, cheerful, wealthy and famous.

3. Sukla : Adulterer, effete, liberal and intelligent.

4. Pramodhutha : Clever, counsel, business-like, good in speech.

5. Prachopathi : Virtuous, bounteous, peaceful in disposition, having sons.

6. Angirasa : Rich, sagacious, mature and compassionate.

7. Srimukha : After women, honest, wealthy.

8. Bhava : Ascetic, king-maker, own vast wealth and strength

9. Yuva : Covetous, fickle minded, ill-tempered, good health, knowledge of healing art.

10. Thathu : Addicted to others' wife, immoral, crafty, lawyer.

11. Iswara : Prosperous, steady mind, good judge of merit.

12. Vegudhanya : Rich merchant, benificent, auspicious, voluptuous.

13. Pramadhi : Cruel, addicted to evil, hot tempered, lives in comfort.

14. Vikrama : Wealthy, valiant, commander of an army.

15. Vishu : Will live in poverty, shameless doer of wrong and unethical things

16. Chitrabhanu : Energetic, good-looking, pleasing

17. Subhanu : Good in learning, conduct, virtuous, upholds the tradition of his race.

18. Dharana : Excessive wealth, strength and philosopher.

19. Pratibha : King-like, prosperous, enjoy happiness comforts.

20. Viya : Lustful, cowardly, Immoral, gambler, addicted to wickedness and frauds.

21. Savasithu : Eloquent, possess great strength, well versed in sacred scriptures, virtuous and conversant with nature.

22. Sarvadhari : Well versed in arts and liked by kings

23. Virodhi : Afflicted, in the company of the wicked, does sinful activities and cruel.

24. Vikruthi : Full of guile, love-sick or loneliness, keen interest in magic and occult & applies his knowledge in practice.

25. Kara : Sober, lazy, sinful, depressed, mischevous, and worthless.

26. Nandana : Delight every one, optimistic, cheerful, conversant and knowledge of sacred hymns,and scriptures.

27. Vijaya : Virtuous, excellence in all undertakings.

28. Jaya : King or equivalent,and royal virtues.

29. Manmadha : Will have a keen interest in sexual pleasures, enjoyment, favour,victorious over foes.

30. Dhunmukhi : Void of good qualities and character, miserable and will remain immoral.

31. Heyvilambhi : Bad nature, involve in agriculture and related operations.

32. Vilambhi : Prosperous, learned, benevolent.

33. Vikari : Sick, cowardly,indigent, irresolute,and ignoble nature.

34. Sarvari : Wealthy, all kinds of pleasure, cheerful disposition,honest and well behaved.

35. Pilava : Tranquil, peaceful, generous, compassionate, brave and devoted to his duties.

36. Subhakiruthu : Appearance of female, learned, handsome, and intelligent.

37. Sobhakiruthu : Wise possessed, of royal virtues. fond of learning, handsome and intelligent.

38. Krodhi : Adulterer, addicted to evil things, crafty and hot temperament.

39. Visvaswa : Honourable, fond of comic, sense of humour, admire and praise those with morality , rich and successful.

40. Prabhava : Wicked, will ruin his family

41. Pilavanga : Lustful, fond of relatives, shows partiality even to children, lethargic mind.

42. Kilaga : Will be exceedingly fortunate and valiant.

43. Sowmiya : Peaceful, matured, unversally popular, exceedingly wealthy, and firm minded.

44. Sadharana : Well versed in various branches of learning, good in understanding, academician.

45. Virodhikiruthu : Credulous, short tempered. interested in wandering.

46. Parithabhi : Bad manners, cruel, harsh but possesses wealth.

47. Pramadisha : Flirt with women, lack of character and ethics.

48. Anandha : Joyous in temperament, interested in traditional scriptures, look for the original things, innovative

49. Rakshasha : Sinful, indulge in vain talk, rumours, fight with loyalists.

50. Nala : Endowed with plenty of good and generous qualities, peaceful and good manners.

51. Pingala : Saint in his mind, practice yoga, philosophical attitude.

52. Kalayukthi : Seer, astrologer, good fortune, enjoyments, work for the uplift of the society.

53. Sidharthi : Successful in all his undertakings, shows respect to religious, spiritual preceptors and gods, intelligence and wisdom.

54. Rowdhri : Will be reckless, proud and wicked.

55. Dhunmathi : Lustful, dull witted, distressed, mind is prejudiced.

56. Thundhubhi : Will have big thighs, belly ,arms and head, but he will be happy.

57. Rudhrothkari : Wise, truthful, happy and rich.

58. Rakthachi : Truthful, happy, good manners, rich and famous, peace of mind and extremely fortunate and amicable.

59. Kurodhana : Addicted to evil ways, hate his relatives, brigand, criminal tendencies.

60. Akshaya : Virtuous, cheerful, handsome, high sense of honour, free from foes and ailments.

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