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Vikari Varsham -
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Planetary Positions as on 14th April 2019 :

Prospects for Vikari year

The Tamil new year Vikari falls on 14th April. Moon in his own sign Cancer indicates improvements in business especially shipping and textiles. Women will have better prospects. There will be good rains in the coastal areas.

The lord of the 2nd sign, Sun, exalted in the 10th sign indicates stability in political power with strong leadership.

The lord of the 3rd sign Mercury, is aspecting the 3rd sign shows that there may be a feeling of insecurity and a soft approach.

The lord of the 4th sign Venus in the 8th sign from the ascendant shows a boom in the entertainment industry, automobile manufacturing and trading. There will be a wide difference in the lifestyle of the rich and poor. The rich will spend extravagantly to show false status and prestige. Secret sexual indiscretion of eminent persons will come to light.

The lord of the 5th sign Mars in the 11th sign indicates birth of more female children. The strength of the military and armed forces will get enhanced. There may be more violence with equally strong police action. Construction activities will get a boost and there will be profits.

The lord of the 6th sign Jupiter along with Saturn and Ketu indicates increase in diseases due to lifestyle. Healthcare business will be profitable. There will be opposition to carry out good projects, at the same time the government will overcome resistances. Borrowings will increase.

The lord of the 7th sign Saturn, in the 6th sign indicates marital discord and a lack of tolerance. There will be increase in child abuse. Implementation of large projects will get delayed.

Venus in the 8th sign indicates improvement in medical facilities which will extend life expectancy. Drug trafficking may be on the rise.

Lord of the 9th sign Jupiter in the 6th sign shows lack of tradition. Foreign affairs and trading will increase substantially.

Lord of the 10th sign in the 11th and the 10th sign occupied by Sun, lord of the 2nd sign, indicates very good progress in stock trading and significant economic growth. Individual income will rise. The country will march towards prosperity and happiness.

The 11th sign occupied by Mars indicates housing activities and growth, organic farming and quality foods will be preferred.

The 12th sign occupied by Rahus indicates cosmopolitan activities and relations with foreigners. This will be good for business and tourism.

The devata for this Vikari year is ARUKKAN which means a singled eyed person with a fearful look, seated on a ferocious tiger with a hacksaw in his hands.

According to the horoscope various planets each have a role to play. The following table gives the description of the role, the planet and the symbol for each of these roles and planets.

Arkadipati Saturn
Magadipati (Rains)Saturn
Sasyadipati Mars
Rasathipati Jupiter
Dhanyatipati Moon
Parunayakar Balaraman

The King being Saturn shows justice, war at the borders, healthy condition of agricultural produce, good fruits and edible oil and new laws for protecting the masses.

Minister being Sun indicates agitations, strong government action and strong new laws.

Commander being Saturn indicates consistent trouble at the borders.

Argadipati being Saturn indicates good rain, stable prices; there will be unlawful activities but the perpetrators will get caught immediately.

Magadipati being Saturn will adequate rains but there will be a delay from usual; there will be happiness too.

Sasuadipati being Mars will encourage production of building material like bricks and ceramics; there will be forest fires too.

Rasadipati Jupiter will increase sugarcane production and encourage dairy products.

Nirasipati Mars will increase gem production and trade.

Dhanyadipati Moon will result in increase in rice harvest and fruit beverages.

Pasunayakar Balaraman will bring rain but result in wastage of water into sea. The rain will be a heavy down pour.

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