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Vilambi Varsham -
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Planetary Positions as on 14th April 2018 :

Prospects for Vilambi year

The Tamil new year Vilambi falls on 14th April. Sun and Venus are together in Aries, Rahu in Cancer, Jupiter (Retrograde motion) in Libra, Mars and Saturn together in Sagittarius, Ketu in Capricon, Mercury along with Moon in Pieces. The Devata this year is Savitr, riding on a horse with bow and arrow. His colour is red.

According to the horoscope various planets each have a role to play. The following table gives the description of the role, the planet and the symbol for each of these roles and planets.

King SunHorse
Pulses & GrainsSunCamel
CloudsVenusTrees & Vegetation
Lord of CowsLord Krishna For all the above

There may be a leadership crisis and changes in the country. There will be scorching heat, biting cold and heavy rains which will still be inadequate.

There may be frequent accidents and diseases like typhoid and jaundice. There may be threats of war but no major war. This will be a good year for farmers which excellent agricultural produce.

There will be happiness for women. Good lifestyle changes are indicated. Farmers will flourish and there will be happiness. Manufacture of salts, minerals and medicines will improve. There may be epidemics related to children. Precious gems will be in demand. Grains will grow in plenty.

There will be danger to rulers and epidemics. Financial gains are indicated. Stock market will flourish. Foreign trade will do well. However expenditure will be high and there will be diseases. There will be happiness for women and there will be a rise in the birth of girls. There will be losses in the film industry and setbacks in jewelry market. There may be conflicts in marriages and setbacks in real estate. There may be some calamities and religious scandals. There will be problems in the job market for the first half of the year. There will be a boom in the automobile industry.
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