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Auspicious Muhurthas

Muhurthas are a very important part of Vedic astrology. In the Vedic way of life, every event in the life of an individual was fixed with great care taking into account the day, lunar day (thithi), nakshatra (lunar mansion) and other important configurations. The fixing of ‘lagna’ on this day is of paramount importance. The jyotish pays particular attention to fixing this time. The ancient seers believed that actions produced results according to the planetary configuration under which they are started. Actions like marriage, upanayanam, gruhapravesh, etc. are conscious actions, the timing of which are reasonably under the control of man. A muhurtha chosen with care to perform these actions, helps in producing good results. In Vedic Astrology, all days are not considered favourable to perform auspicious events like marriage, gruhapravesh (house warming), etc. There are only a few days which are suitable for performing certain activities – these are called auspicious muhurtha days. An auspicious muhurtha day is a function of an auspicious thithi (lunar day) and an auspicious nakshastra (lunar mansion). Again, not all auspicious muhurtha days are suitable for all activities. Different days are prescribed for each activity.


Our Report on Auspicious Muhurthas gives you a list of auspicious muhurthas for the current year for

  • Marriage
  • Gruhapravesh

Your Report will be available in the "My Reports" page as soon as the order is completed.

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