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Numerology has been used since ancient times to understand human destiny. It links the microcosm to the macrocosm. After all the human body, is made up of the very same things that go to make up any other organism. The ancient astrologers believed that all things material are linked to the nine planets, and each of these nine planets vibrate to a number, eg. Sun vibrates to number 1, Moon to number 2, etc.
Here, you can check the compatibility between your fate number, destiny number and name number.
Fate numberis thesum of digits of your birth date, Destiny number is the sum of the digits of your birth date, month and year and Name number is the sum of the digits of the alphabets which go to make up your name. Each English alphabet vibrates to a specific number.

While you have no control over your fate and destiny numbers, it is believed that by using a name number that vibrates positively with your fate and destiny numbers, you may be able to live more in tune with what nature intended for you.

Your Basic Numerology Report will contain

  • Fate Number and its Characteristics
  • Destiny Number
  • Name Number
  • Name Number Compatibility with your Fate and Destiny Numbers
  • Desirable Name Number

Your Report will be available in the "My Reports" page as soonas the order is completed.

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