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Membership is absolutely free and entitles you to a wide range of interactive and professional calculated astrological predictions.
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Personalised page for members on daily astrological events like Rahukala, Yamaganda, Gulika, Sunrise, Sunset. Daily predictions on astrorhythm, biorhythm are displayed based in members horoscope details. Also Panchang for the day and Auspicious Muhurthas for the day are given on day to day basis.
Interactive Services
Instant astrology services, where you get reports immediately once the order of the following services are completed.
APT Astro Rhythm
All days do not turn out the same way; some days are luckier than others. This is due to the relationship between your personal star and the zodiac sign (rasi) and the star and rasi of a particular day -- Astro Rhythm. This free astrological service, based on zodiac characteristics, provides you the Astro Rhythm for any particular week.
Auspicious Muhurthas
In the Vedic way of life, every event in the life of an individual was fixed with great care taking into account the day, lunar day (thithi), nakshatra (lunar mansion) and other important configurations. In Vedic Astrology, all days are not considered favourable to perform auspicious events such as marriage, house warming, etc.

Our report gives you a list of auspicious muhurthas (days) for the next six months for
  • Marriage
  • Gruhapravesh
  • Bhumi Pooja / Ground Breaking Ceremony
Basic Horoscope
The horoscope is an astrological chart depicting zodiac signs and the dispositions of the planets in the various houses of the zodiac.


This free vedic astrological service provides you with a report that comprises:


  • Rasi Chart
  • Navamsa Chart
  • Nirayana Planetary Position With KP Sub
  • Mahadasa Chart
Detailed Horoscope
Horoscope is vedic astrological predictions based on the planetary positions at the exact moment of the birth of a person. Astrologers use other divisional charts apart from the basic rasi and navamsa chart to help in their predictions.


This free detailed horoscope report contains:


  • The Shodasavarga Charts (16 charts)
  • Nirayana Planetary Position With KP Sub
  • Nirayana Bhava Position With KP Sub
  • Ashtakavarga - ( Before Reduction )
  • Ashtakavarga - ( After Trikona Reduction )
  • Ashtakavarga - ( After Ekadipathya Reduction )
  • Sodya Pinda Table
  • Mars Dosha
  • Planetary war (Graha Yudha)
  • Combustion with Sun
  • Mahadasas With Bhuktis and Anubhuktis
Numeric Biorhythm
Based on the date of birth, the Numeric Biorhythm comprises physical, intellectual and emotional components. This number-based astrological prediction could determine performances in various facets of daily activities. This astrological service provides you with the Numeric Biorhythm for a particular week.
Traditional Matchmaking
In vedic astrology match making for marriages, horoscopes are matched on 11 parameters. Not all these parameters are equally important. So our panel of astrologers has assigned a weightage to each of the parameters according to their relative importance to arrive at a realistic compatibility score and grade.

The Marriage Compatibility Report comprises:

  • Compatibility Chart
  • Compatibility Report
APT Auspicious Time Slots
According to vedic astrology, hora is, an one hour duration in a day, which is ruled by a particular planet. Depending on the planet ruling the hour, each hour is auspicious for a particular activity. In this very unique service, our report presents the auspicious time to do a particular activity in any hour, for a week, for a particular location.
APT Astrodating
Astrological astrodating allows you to check the compatibility between you and your partner -- like longevity of relationship, like-mindedness, mutual attraction, etc.

The report will contain the following information:
  • The Compatibility Score
  • The Compatibility Grade
Basic Numerology
Ancient astrologers believed that all things material was linked to the nine planets, each of which vibrates to a number. This online vedic astrology service allows you to check the compatibility between your fate number, destiny number and name number.


  • Your Basic Numerology Report will contain
  • Fate Number and its Characteristics
  • Destiny Number
  • Name Number
  • Name Number Compatibility with your Fate and Destiny Numbers
  • Desirable Name Number
Month For You
The astrological predictions for the month are based on the nakshatra where your moon is placed in your horoscope. In Vedic Astrology, the moon denotes the mind. The positions of other planets in your horoscope will have an effect on the final outcome.
This Week For You
Forecasts for the current week are based on your rasi. These weekly astrological predictions are based on planetary transits with respect to your moon. Our panel of astrologers brings out this report after studying the transits of faster planets, along with transits of slower planets.
Panchang is used to help synchronize events with the best days and times. Apart from the five elements of the Panchangam online service, we also provide you with the sunrise/sunset, Rahukala, Yamaganda and Gulika kala for each day. This free astrological service is available for three months at a time.
Planetary transit Effects
Planets transit from one zodiac to other at more or less regular intervals. This planetary transit will affect each person differently according to your moon sign. Our report will give you the effects of transits of major planets Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu/ Ketu on each house of the zodiac.
Year For You
Astrological predictions for the current year are based on your rasi, i.e. the lord of your moon sign according to Vedic Astrology. Our report gives you astrological monthly predictions prospects for the year.

It will cover the following areas

  • Family
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Profession
  • Good Dates
Other Astrological Predictions
Stock Market Predictions
Astrological Prediction on Stock Market Movement based on the vedic astrology. You can get a detailed prediction on the Industry which will do better and stocks to avoid. This also gives effects on stock market based on your rasi.
Astrology & You
General vedic astrological prediction on stars and rasis for various events of life like profession, career, marriage, compatibility, partnership, health etc.
Astro Events
Astrological Events like Planetary transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu Ketu etc. which affects day to day life based on vedic astrological calculations.
Pundit Speaks
Articles from our panel of professional astrology pundits on various astrological terms like phalas, yogas, planetary positions and movements, etc.